Dumbledore and Professor X

XavierMerlin at Muggle Matters has posted some interesting thoughts on Harry Potter and X-men based on the third film, released this weekend. It’s interesting stuff in light of our exploration here of the “Wise Old Man” archetype. Merlin looks at Dumbledore and Professor X (who is obviously the Wise Old Man of the series) and sees in Professor X a villain. I’m certain I don’t agree that Xavier is the villain of the X-men series, but Merlin’s thoughts are insightful and worthy of some discussion. Check it out. I’ve responded in the comments section there, and I’m sure there’s much more to be said.

2 thoughts on “Dumbledore and Professor X

  1. Well, in the X-Men comic Charles X has been a villian. And Magneto has been a goodie. Wolverine was fighting with and for Magneto who believed that the only difference between Prof X and Magneto was just the means they were willing to employ.

    It seemed to be in the late eighties and early nineties that traditional rolemodels and superheroes couldn’t remain just that. They had to become flawed and deeply trobled souls to relate to rather than pinnacles of justice to emulate.

    If the old posit about absolute power corrupting absolutely is true, then Prof X is in trouble. To the good writers of Hollywood blockbusters he would be a character ripe for a fall.


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